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Facebook marketing has become very important today for a country like Bangladesh. It is important to do facebook advertising if you want to grow your service, products or business.

Brand Awareness

The first step for your brand to succeed is to be known the Name of your company to the customer. No one disputes this argument and most advertisers struggle to achieve it. Brand awareness is the state in which the user knows the name of your brand, knows your product , services or Business.
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The campaigns of Reach are the campaigns whose objective is ” You want people to know Your business “. And that is going to be the main objective, not that they buy or maybe they want to buy: You just want them to know that service,product or business exist, what you do and how you do it.
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Choose Marketing Goal

As a business owner, you want your business to be successful. Investing in marketing is vital to that success, but many small businesses can not waste or save time in high-priced advertising campaigns. We analyze which is perfect……
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New Era of Marketing

With the Facebook ad platform, you can specifically target customers based on their geographic location.Facebook’s technology is now so advanced that it can target specific customers based on the street they live on.
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Use Facebook to Increase Your Visibility

Launch an advertising campaign on Facebook  means to announce your company, service, or product on social networks.

Social Networks are increasingly used by users, especially Facebook, which still has the highest marking quota. Making your company or project visible on this platform is very beneficial, since it allows you to segment very well the audience you need to impact and you only pay per click. Currently it is one of the essential actions for a company that wants maximum visibility.

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Campaign Types That Can Be Done in Facebook Ads

Although you already have clear what are the Facebook Ads and the advantages they have, you still have an important thing pending before launching to make campaigns in this social network. They are the types of ads that exist on Facebook . It may seem like something really simple, but there are up to 12 types of promoted publication:



Drive valuable actions on your website, app or in Messenger.


Increase Website Traffic

This ads is to obtain more traffic on your website or blog.


Generate Leads

This Ad model is oriented to the capture of leads.


Store Visits

Promote multiple business locations to people who are nearby.


App Installs

This Facebook advertising is that users install a certain app.


Promote Catalog Products

Catalog of products if you want to place them in Facebook showcase


Reach to Local People

Ad focused on appearing to those users who are close to your premises.


Boost an Event

An event is promoted in order to increase the number of participants.



Ads to have conversations with your business in Messenger


Improve Brand Recognition

Advertisement that aims to reach the public most likely attention to ads.


Increase Video Views

Ads that integrate a video, to increase the number of views.



Engagement can include comments, shares, likes, event responses

Free First Consultation

To start a campaign on Facebook, it is necessary to analyze the project, the type of campaign and the target audience that you want to impact.

There are several criteria for socio-demographic segmentation, but perhaps the most important variable is the interests of the target. Based on this analysis, creatives and ads are created and tracking KPIs are defined. From there, the results are measured according to the objectives set. 

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