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We are the Digital Marketer and SEO Service Provider, From the Last few Years we continues building backlink for our clients on various platform such as Fiver,Upwork,Freelancer,BHW and PPH, Our average SEO Metrics of Premium Website Backlinks are DA90+

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Initially we are presenting 100+, But Our inventory is not limited,You can also send us your chosen site to get 301 redirect backlink.

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As We said our inventory is not limited, But we presenting 30+ News Website to get news backlink for your website

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301 redirect is a very important to rank website easily on Google, This type of premium website Permanent 301 redirect backlink will rank your website Domain Authority, Trust Flow and RankUP on Google.

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How We Manage Such Link at Low Cost?

We will not write new article or will not post new article , We use old article from premium website where is dead link included. These article are valuable because of old and indexed by google and other search engine.

We search dead link from the website mentioned, Then redirect 301 dead link to your website, blog, youtube, facebook, affiliate, adsense, amazon, eCommerce site .

Also, You can’t choose any keyword anchor text, Because keyword and anchor text already attached in the old article, Each link my stay 4 month to 3-5 years, Actually its depended on sites updated or not.

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Website Metrics

SLWebsitesDAPAAgeAlexa RankDRBacklinksTraffic
1microsoft.com998328 years, 11 months29963605382751192122813
2Linkedin.com989417 years, 5 months579811987347628237988845
3CNN.com968126 years, 7 months729331393514783015603
4bbc.co.uk967850 Years, 4 Months11793527904660126029291
5medium.com968021 years, 10 months869438200911651800296
6Amazon.com968825 Years, 6 Months14962564818036674205097
7msn.com957825 years, 5 months5392164287820201620695
8TheGuardian.com957425 years, 9 months11993232847248122660174
9NyTimes.com958026 years, 3 months779441168323983456171
10BBC.com957330 years, 9 months749212670392178998901
11Reuters.com957526 years, 10 months394923082223787836069
12Forbes.com957726 years, 10 months218939206392238159225
13washingtonpost.com957524 years, 5 months1699317945229626373265
14Time.com947726 years, 5 months988924756436513142793
15mirror.co.uk946850 Years, 4 Months1782901219784421720413
16dailymail.co.uk947450 Years, 4 Months271926526834757242816
17USATODAY.com947325 years, 11 months3889213723357933020477
18Businessinsider.com947222 years, 1 months2069211096427146094945
19Bloomberg.com947326 years, 6 months322929712016224277464
20independent.co.uk947050 Years, 4 Months1007925181740732542494
21wired.com947327 years, 5 months1251927136531616458005
22foxnews.com947324 years, 10 months2289111077203330786135
23latimes.com947229 years, 4 months16279210188077212183948
24cnet.com947226 years, 1 months163927099779654273992
25engadget.com947116 years, 3 months106891779465317195800
26techcrunch.com947714 years, 10 months1836927068453610472800
27indiatimes.com946623 years, 5 months999115645687266077588
28thesun.co.uk946722 Years, 11 Months1216905317144238533593
29telegraph.co.uk947450 Years, 4 Months931927168645520225747
30nypost.com947223 years, 6 months481914815714018188657
31wsj.com947525 years, 10 months386932261755758236721
32nydailynews.com936825 years, 0 months271290160764693729687
33express.co.uk936623 years, 8 months1323891536952033073767
34WebMD.com937222 years, 0 months464928409916478885559
35thetimes.co.uk936323 Years, 8 Months604491265240403029928
36chicagotribune.com936821 years, 11 months273291186149885614145
37Buzzfeed.com937317 years, 8 months407912488026215085582
38HuffPost.com936315 years, 1 months684912141771320692136
39instructables.com936814 years, 10 months139389123037156788832
40vice.com936922 years, 10 months1202913251055113874112
41economist.com936925 years, 4 months279391213612991606332
42newsweek.com936725 years, 11 months1620902370139711428946
43ibm.com937134 years, 1 months796922916927343488435
44ted.com937425 years, 5 months102992526484714810030
45cbsnews.com937025 years, 6 months131691443935947610924
46cnbc.com937022 years, 6 months236925845584318078339
47nature.com936925 years, 8 months1116921640939015097757
48hollywoodreporter.com936624 years, 9 months2521902444580810393611
49usnews.com936625 years, 3 months873911460650133089095
50quora.com937120 years, 0 months239913285700180157152
51fastcompany.com936624 years, 10 months334591167236482472939
52wikihow.com936915 years, 10 months172922742329637812228
53gizmodo.com937517 years, 9 months155891576830282522340
54mashable.com937714 years, 9 months192091903151147238507
55metro.co.uk937050 Years, 4 Months2172891092038315994969
56history.com926625 years, 5 months137090570845119377634
57techradar.com926216 years, 4 months554902380479749815359
58mayoclinic.org926522 years, 8 months879913147725561896814
59cosmopolitan.com926422 years, 9 months267488500775620575203
60arstechnica.com927221 years, 3 months355990268489712242215
61tmz.com926924 years, 2 months163786409004164662506
62Inc.com926824 years, 1 months160592128873386606351
63lifehacker.com927415 years, 7 months177591266465364170714
64Today.com926522 years, 0 months258590160178227740033
65bizjournals.com926420 years, 2 months685691415176033175386
66lonelyplanet.com926525 years, 7 months406190174384887336474
67marketwatch.com926722 years, 8 months346915870288420612115
68steamcommunity.com926913 years, 10 months1919142581606231826082
69people.com927125 years, 10 months134490149097067906115
70entrepreneur.com926825 years, 6 months172291132466024343416
71Tribunnews.com916510 years, 3 months41861775838443718869
72investopedia.com916620 years, 8 months382911487972733226657
73medicalnewstoday.com916316 years, 5 months599911731170343428096
74mtv.com916925 years, 2 months669388187624993283566
75thehindu.com916224 years, 1 months97788351159794704586
76bostonglobe.com916522 years, 3 months641790302632871684500
77Reddit.com918714 years, 11 months19952478172373281004486
78Jpost.com916223 years, 6 months4669851212522991101264
79hindustantimes.com916123 years, 8 months95586332837874417498
80bleacherreport.com906914 years, 9 months946851210867527280987
81newsday.com906229 years, 0 months1310986182602021260427
82Yahoo.com907725 years, 3 months119249440030741308455
83bitcoin.com896412 years, 3 months98998414650560901019
84health.com896425 years, 1 months61928780659274256039
85startribune.com896326 years, 3 months847588206036381628373
86cbssports.com886423 years, 11 months12478611853346724133146
87instyle.com876221 years, 0 months1278585388996451222264
88Business2Community.com86589 years, 3 months12550891345475480040
89healthline.com866515 years, 7 months207919807193115164308
90valuewalk.com855410 years, 3 months43134791680635141508
91ccn.com845727 years, 11 months64788159183961502120
92theweek.com836421 years, 11 months77408314830820662435
93Forbesindia.com825220 years, 8 months28280781566618191594
94FemaleFirst.co.uk825517 Years, 5 Months168257761598213139702
95SearchEngineWatch.com816722 years, 1 months222878911108477167322
96dailykos.com816717 years, 9 months58078211662718822330
97Business.com795921 years, 11 months11577854618720266630
98espn.in785015 years, 2 months19847712958961353774
99Socialmediatoday.com786213 years, 9 months19376887999654257004
100Jacksonville.com766123 years, 6 months67899801945859673440

What You Will Get:

Try to Get few backlinks from our service and see how this will change your rank

  • Quality Old content with your 301 Redirect links
  • DA PA As Your choice from the list of sites Ex:DA80+
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  • Maximum are Contextual Backlinks
  • Details Report Of links
  • Get Extra Bonus Backlink from more authority sites

Ahrefs Metrics

Plan & Pricing


You can choose any one website from above list, this just for test our service.


and Renewal $7/Link Yearly

Only One Backlink
Old High-Quality Article
Get Extra Bonus Backlink
Detailed Report On-time
3-7 Days Delivery


You can choose any 3 websites from above list, Good for Rank UP Google

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Info Required to Start The Work:

1.Your Website Url
2.Website You Like to Get 301 Redirect Backlink

Our Dedicated Support For You:

Email: support@analyzerit.com
Skype: trustedpartner


Frequently asked questions

A: Each website has their own rules, Some Site Support Only Nofollow Link, But Maximum Are Dofollow.

A: Yes, The link is Permanent and Stay as long as the website not update

A: Yes, To maintain your link and keep them live, There is small renewal fee $7/Per link Per Year, But After 1 year if you don’t want to keep backlink live anymore, Then don’t need to pay yearly fee, Imagine to Stay live backlink from Forbes ,HuffPost or BBC $7/Yearly is Nothing…

A: According to Moz, A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page. 301 refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirect. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the right method for implementing redirects on a website.

A: If you need to change the URL of a page as it is shown in search engine results, we recommend that you use a server-side 301 redirect. This is the great way to ensure that users and search engines are directed to the correct page. The 301 status code means that a page has permanently moved to a new location. John Mueller explained 301 is not a direct link but it passes the link juice of the source url (old) to the redirection url (new). It helps canonical in the sense that it signals Google that the 301 url is now the correct working url. links that you created for your old URL can be seen as back links for new URL. It’s more a helper with picking the canonical URL across a set of URLs. However, links to the redirecting URL could be seen as links to the redirection target.

A: Yes, We can create 301 Redirect backlink from any website, As long as the website has lots of content.


1.Your Website Url

2.From Which Website You Like to Get 301 Redirect Backlink

A: We allow up to 1 URL,We Don’t accept any Keyword or Anchor text.

A: We don’t write articles and don’t post new article. However, we will use article that is already published on the websites, Remember OLD is GOLD!

A: We accept all Niches Except Illegal Property.

A: Actually niche related backlink depended on which site you choose, For Example: If Your niche is “health” and choose Health.com then it is 90% Possible your link will be niche related, But if you choose Forbes.com or Huffpost.com there is no guarantee your link will niche related. 

A: Yes, We accept Non-English sites as well but the article will be English, If you want to get backlink from Non English Sites, Then You have mentioned the site name when place order.

A: Yes, we will provide a complete and detailed report of the work.

A: Turnaround time is 3 to 7 working days.

A: Yes, If you Interested in Reply Here, I will Inbox You.

A: We Accept Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Credit-Debit Card Via 2checkout

A: I will only refund if I cannot create 301 redirect backlink for your site or if they do not stay for at least 30 days, but we have not had a single link fall off yet and we do not intend to.

A: You Reply here or Send us PM or Mail.

So, Why Are You waiting for?