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Are you looking for graphic design course in Dhaka ? Analyzer IT is the best graphic design training center in Uttara, Dhaka. You will get freelancing/outsourcing course free with our graphic design courses, Analyzer IT offers the best Graphic Designing Training in Dhaka for Students & Professionals.

Shane Analyzer IT Model of Graphics design course

Change the World with Your Own Creativity

If you are creative and want to do something new in the world of creativity, then the graphics designing career will prove to be the best for you. This is an area in which the design of all the products is prepared. Design is considered to be the scale of success of something. If the design is not good, then understand that the market will not be able to stand up to its competitive products. Actually, graphics designing means to give a mater a visual impact, which makes it look attractive. Good designers have a lot of demand in today's job market.

​The course helped me a lot to gain more confidence, to realize that I am able to make good designs, I had a hard time making a design because I was left blank and the steps to design that are taught in the course as well as all the advice of ​Rashed Sir and the rest of the material made me a better graphic designer.

​​Sector 7 Uttara Dhaka- Analyzer IT Student


​​Sector 7, Uttara, Dhaka

​I believe that the beginning of my professional life I owe to ​Anonna Mam by far the best teacher and guide I have had in my student life, as I was recently in college and having some gaps the course filled those gaps and fulfilled with my expectations, thanks again. Highly Recommeneded for Graphics Design course"

Muhaiminul ​Tongi College Gate Gazipur Analyzer IT Student


​Tongi, College Gate, Gazipur

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"You can start Earning Online, Even You can earn during class Time"

graphic design training center in dhaka

Many said that you have to be super specialty and then come back to work. From our personal life experience, it is a mistake to say that. We have never come into this field with a super-skill. In fact, many designers are still student.

But yes, you have to go to a specific level and then think about work. For this you have to learn the tasks very well first. Minimum 10 test projects will be done.

When you completed your test work, then you are ready to do a professional job. This will take a maximum of 1.5 to 2 months.



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On this ​Graphics Design Course in Dhaka, You Will Discover...

  • 1
    ​You will get 4-5 Free classes of freelancing and outsourcing with all courses.
  • 2
    ​Freelancing and outsourcing will be the main focus for this course.
  • 3
    ​Students will get necessary class tutorial, we provide video recording for each class, if you missed classes, then you could learn from that video.
  • 4
    ​Backup support will be provided as per the requirement of a class..
  • 5
    ​​We will show you live project via HP Projector and 70" Digital Screen for each class...
  • 6
    ​​You will get the chance to work at the live project which will make you a real-life professional...
  • 7
    ​Apart from this, every student will get Lifetime Support...

*Important Note: available spots for the ​courses are strictly limited! Register now to ​book yours seat!*

​Graphics ​Design ​Course ​Fees

​You Can check Course details from below:

Work from home by getting best graphics design course in dhaka
Analyzer IT Graphics Design Course in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

​Course Name:

​Professional Graphics Design


Three Month


​Per Week 2 Class, Saturday - Tuesday 


​11:00AM-01:00PM or 03:30PM-05:30PM or 06PM:08:00PM


​24 Class


​12500 TAKA, Limited time Discount ​fee 10000TK Only (available only for one time payment)


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How Much is a ​​​Graphic ​Designer ​Salary?

It is very important, in a word, infinite! Let’s meet reality. First of all, what are the ways to earn as a graphics designer?

As a graphics designer, you have the opportunity to earn in three ways.

graphic designer salary

1.Graphic ​Design ​Jobs in Bangladesh:

​As this profession depends on skill, income may vary according to a lot of skill. However, monthly salary of a talented skilled designer can be from BDT ​30,000 to BDT 1,50,000.

Freelance Designer Salary in Bangladesh

2. Freelancing will be the perfect sector for your Earning:

Most graphic designers prefer to freelancing. The biggest advantage of freelancing is no need 09:00AM to 5:00PM offices and there is freedom of work. You can work with this type of freelancing site like Upwork, Fiverr, Seoclerk, 99design, Freelancers, Peopleperhour etc..

graphics design training course in dhaka earn money online
Freelancing a talented skilled graphic designer can earn from $ 500 to $ 3000 per month or more.

How to ​do graphics design course in uttara​?

​1. Training in a good organization

​2. Work under established designer

​3. Follow the work of others

​4. Search online

​5. Attended standard tutorials

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Jobs?


​The Good Stuff:

  • ​Earn lots of Money Online

  • ​No Fixed Time Like 9-5PM boring job.

  • ​You can start earning by short duration of time.

The Bad Stuff:

  • ​You ​are self-employed

  • ​You must need to use Pc or Laptop and Internet to Earn

  • ​5%-20% Commission ​will by Marketplace

best offer

graphics design and multimedia course

Start Building ​Your Online Career with Analyzer IT

Make it easy for your ​career to get the best deal on the ​online market place, We are ready provide you best instruction. Download the graphics design course content from below:

​Analyzer IT Well Decorated Class ​Room

Analyzer IT Classroom uttara dhaka

What is the Qualification Need to Become a Professional Professional Graphics Designer!

Top ​3 Thing ​You Need ​to Know...



Educational Qualification

There are various types of courses present in the field of graphic design. From the foundation course to four years degree courses are available. In the form of qualification for Analyzer IT 3 Month Course, it is mandatory for the students to pass S.S.C. Graphic designing is a combination of art and technique, so students who have received degree from Analyzer IT, Then they can earn good money online and offline.



​Course Topics

​Our courses included: Brand Identity, Poster, Flyer, Brochure, Newsletter, Magazine Layout, Advertisement, Press Aid, Web Banner, Web Page, Image Editing etc. using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Coral Draw.



Knowledge of Software

​Graphic designers should have fresh knowledge of new software and computer technology, so that they stay in competition. The Adobe Creative Suite is the most used in designers. You will be mastered these three at least Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, because every designer needs these tools, Basically Illustrator is used for logo designing and vector graphics, for ​Photoshop image editing and web design and to print ​Indesign is done.

best offer

graphics design course information special offer

​Grab the Special Deal for ​Graphics Design Course While it Lasts

​You can pay your graphics design admission fee by 2 ​installment, ​For this you need to half of the money when you get ​admission, After few class you can pay rest amount of money. One important thing is if you pay at a time full amount of admission fee you will get up to ​​20% Discount.

3 Month Course, Total 24 Class​

​Saturday, Tuesday 11​:00 or 3:00 ​or 6:00PM ​Class Start

Who is the instructor?

​Would you like to work from your home, according to your own schedules and independently? Then you can not miss these ​instructor lecture, They are specially ​professional freelancer....

​Rashedul Islam

Graphic Artist and Web Designer

​He is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer. His specialty is logo & brand identity design. Over the past Seven years He has been working in Graphic Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics and Administrative section.He is skilled in: Adobe Creative Suite CS6, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, 3Ds Max.

Rashedul islam rashed lecturer of Analyzer IT graphics design course in dhaka

​Anindita S. Ananna

Graphic Designer

​Anindita S. Ananna has graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia. She is one of the directors of JC Group. She has been working as graphic designer and lead communicator for international clients for the last 5 years. She is one of the top rated freelancers in Upwork and Biznessapps.

Ananna Analyzer IT graphics design course Lecturer

W​here is the Job Place ​for ​Professional Graphics Designer?
(​Lets read little about Job Sector)

graphic design course bd

​​Huge job field areas waiting for you, Just need to Grab the Opportunity........  

If talking about careers in the field of graphics designing, in this current round of globalization, there are better employment opportunities in this field because today all small to High Scale Business/institutions create a visual brand for themselves. Graphics Designers can find work on good packages in websites, advertising agencies, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging exhibition, display, corporate communication, corporate identity etc.


This is for you, if...

it is said that nowadays this area is on boom, then it will not be wrong. After doing professional ​graphic design course in dhaka from AnalyzerIT ​, you will not need to look back, You can join any public office, media office, advertising agency, computer game, web page designing, corporate companies, packaging company, poster making, film and television industry etc.

  • bullseye
    ​Design studios, advertising agencies; Design workshops
  • bullseye
    ​Government and Business enterprises (PR and Marketing Department);.
  • bullseye
    ​Scope of publication, Educational institutions
  • bullseye
    ​Creative unions and organizations;" and Online Marketplace

Income from foreign countries sitting at home:​ ​​You can  E​arn Money by Sitting at Home!

By doing Analyzer IT ​graphic design course in dhaka, many types of jobs waiting for you. In this country, the income generates the same way, many foreign companies also ​invest for employment in this area. In this way you can earn money by working for these foreign companies as you sit at home. Companies work through networking and also you can get money from home on your Bank account.:



​Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork has offers for each type of independent professional.​ ​Select those offers that interest you among the 75 job categories available such as writing, ​software development, web development, marketing or graphic design.



​The web allows you to compete with other independent professionals through a skills contest . It offers many projects, for different professional profiles, and under different modalities: by hours, based on projects, etc.



​The site is thinking for designers of all kinds, whether from advertising, graphics or illustration. It allows you to enter design competitions, and it is a good way to show all your talent.



​If you are a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, this is your page. ​This website offers the possibility of publishing a work or project, receiving several proposals from independent professionals and selecting who we want to hire.


​Demand Media

​If you are creative, for example, a writer, filmmaker, producer, photographer or something related to creativity, here you can make valuable content that attracts the public and promotes your talent.



​It is a different website from the list because companies publish their projects in search of freelancers that sell their services to whoever chooses them.



​With a portfolio of more than 250,000 freelancers around the world, in Guru you can find the professional you need. The only point against is that the platform is in English.


​Evanto Studio

​Evanto Studio is defined as a community of designers, developers and creatives, however, its main works revolve around design and graphics, whether for applications, websites, logos or videos and animations.


​One of the best sites to obtain (or offer) logo design, corporate image or web design. With more than 250,000 designers from 192 different countries, this website allows you to connect them with potential clients and projects. ​

​Get Admission instant ​online ​and P​ay ​ADMISSION FEE now!

​You can admit online by fillup admission form and pay your admission fee by debit-credit card, online bank, You can also pay via Bkash by calling us Mobile: 01640 88 44 66

graphics design full course admissions open
Other Job place for Graphics Designer...

In the world of fashion. ​Fashion has kept its stunt for the past few decades. Fashion means walking with time. Modernity is associated with fashion, and graphics designing teaches to move with modernity. Successful organizing of fashion competitions depends on the skill of the graphics designers. ​

​Entertainment Area . ​Movies like Krish, Ra-One and Avatar, which are made in today's era, are doing business in crores of Taka because of graphics designing. Graphics designing has increased graph of entertainment in the movies. Especially animation films appeal to children very much. Graphics designing has the power to provide a new height to entertainment.

Marketing and publicity. ​For companies it is very important to have a good brand image, with a logo, with a common design for the whole company and its tools or objects, such as folders and stationery, business vehicles, uniforms or uniforms of work, etc. In addition, for advertising it is essential to have a graphic designer who is responsible for the posters, ads, their designs, the design of the website, images published on the corporate website or social networks, etc. All this is the work of the graphic designer, and without it there are no results and it is difficult or impossible to obtain the objectives set by the company.

graphics design diploma course in bangladesh

​Design competition:

There are many such marketplaces that can be used only by participating in different design competitions. In these marketplaces, a buyer organizes the competition to get the necessary designs.

The Designer's participates in the Contest and will be awarded at the end of time.

Usually prizes are given from 99 dollars.

Name of this famous site: 99designs.com


graphics design course in bd

Design sells:

There are some marketplaces, where the designs can be stored on their own page. There are different types of buyers who purchase the design according to their preferences. A design can be sold as many times as possible. That means a lot of your designs are sold by selling and earning money sitting there.

The name of such a famous site: graphicriver.net

graphic design courses in dhaka

​​Bid work:

There are many marketplaces where the buyer describes the work in his post. Freelancers apply to work, which means bid.

The name of such a famous site: upwork.com

graphics design course poster

​​Gig sales revenue:

Freelancers refer to their service, which is called Gig. These sellers give orders to different buyers according to their preferences. There may be thousands of orders in a gig.

The name of such a famous site: fiverr.com and PeoplePerHour.com

There are also many other types of websites that can be used to earn online.


​We are ready to create Digital Bangladesh, So, Let's create Digital Bangladesh by taking Learning & Earning course.


​We will Help You to Choose Right Course..


Professional ​Graphics Design

​Professional ​Graphics Design Course with Outsourcing.

​12500/=​TK 6

graphic design course in uttara Analyzer it-Provide satisfaction guranteed

​Try it Out ​& Pay Admission Fee by ​2 ​INSTALLMENT!

​​You can pay your graphics design admission fee by 2 ​installment, ​For this you need to half of the money when you get ​admission, After few class you can pay rest amount of money. One important thing is if you pay at a time full amount of admission fee you will get up to ​​​20% Discount.

Shahriar Uttara dhaka analyzer it student

​My Design was ugly...

"​This is the first Graphic Design course that I have received in my whole life, before receiving the course my designs were ugly; I did not know where to start when I faced a new design; I thought that graphic design was for people who had a great creative talent, as artists, people who were born with that "gift", etc ..."

​Shahriar, ​Uttara.

​Nirjona ​Gazipur Analyzer it student

​​I recommend Analyzer IT.....

"​After the first phase to continue the course I learned the fundamental basis to always create designs that look good, that are one hundred percent professional and the best of all is that I found it very easy to learn because the methodology used by this course is very effective for anyone who has an interest in learning to design.

I am very satisfied with my results and I recommend Analyzer IT!"

​Nirjona, ​Gazipur


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​In the end Analyzer IT grant a certificate for Students?

​Should I have need experience, can I start from scratch?

​Is this just a Photoshop course?

​Is this an online or face-to-face course?

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