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​​SEO Training Center in Uttara Dhaka

SEO - Search Engine Optimization, it is said to that SEO is some of the rules / techniques by which a website can get more visitors / traffic from different types of search engines such as: (Google, Bning, Yahoo etc). In fact, if any website can be brought to the first page by the SEO, the likelihood of getting visitor increases greatly.

The simpler way to say: If we want to download a movie, then we usually type movie name on google. Now notice that when we press the search button google shows some website name where we can get that movie. In this way, Google shows the name of 10 winners in every page. Now you can think why some sites came to the first page, and why the rest of the websites went to the back page? - does it have any other reason?

​Search Engine Optimization

Surely there is something special about the pages of the first page, which is not in other sites. This is something special that is seo's technique, through which you can also take your website to the first page. And the first page means more visitors.


​Qualified Lecturer

​Qualified Professional Freelancer with ​Minimum 5 years Experienced 


Complete ​Training

​We Provide Advanced Training For Search Engine Optimization [SEO]


​Lowest Admission Fee ​

​Analyzer IT Provide Quality Education at Affordable Cost

​Why People ​use Search Engine for Searching info?

​So, Why a visitor searches?

​Either they are looking for answers to any questions, or they are looking for solutions to any problem or they want to meet their needs. If you can answer your questions through your site, solve problems or give them the information you need, then you have no more thoughts.

The seo is usually divided into two parts:

• On Page Seo and

• Off page seo.

On page seo: Simply put, what you are saying about your website and Off page seo is what others are saying about you.

Let's Find Your Dream ​Future

Start Building Freelancing Career by Getting SEO Training from Analyzer IT

What is Search Engine?

If we search for any information we need, then we search it on the internet. There is so many information about that topics in the world, then all the information comes in front of us. These sources are known as search engines. The names of some of the famous search engines are: google, yahoo, bing, etc.


Use of SEO

​For Website Ranking on Search Engine

Suppose you have an e-commerce site that is currently located at 2nd page of google. If you want someone searching by typing "Bangladeshi Ecommerce" in the search engine, it will show in # 1 position - to do this, you have to do SEO of that site.



SEO as a Career

​Good Choices for your Dream Career

Most of the people who earn by outsourcing in Bangladesh earn through SEO. Because Bangladesh has less skilled manpower.

Generally, those who have a general idea about computers, who are fairly skilled in English, feel comfortable to visit websites, they can be expert at SEO. Millions of people are engaged in this work globally because of no programming language is needed to learn SEO, because this work can be easily realized and started working fast.



How to learn SEO?

​Easiest way is to get admit at Analyzer IT SEO course

By getting admission from 8000 TK-12500 TK at best seo training centers Analyzer IT in Uttara, Dhaka, you can learn from the expert in the whole subject.

In our country, we are the well-trained training centers which already have been established in this country.


​Learn SEO from Best Outsourcing Training Center Uttara, Dhaka!

What to learn?

SEO is of two types. OnPage SEO and Offpage SEO You have to be very well aware of all these things. What to learn before the start of SEO work is: keyword research, use of various HTML tags, Backlink, Guest Post, Building Link, content optimization, forum tuning, blog posting, social media marketing, directory submissions, guest blogging and more.

The country's leading IT training provider Analyzer IT by providing professional training on Information Technology, We are trying to make skilled for unemployed youth by following 3 Month professional IT courses!

Professional Certificate Courses are:

  • angle-right
    ​Computer Office Applications
  • angle-right
    ​Graphics Design
  • angle-right
    ​SEO Engine Optimization Optimization
  • angle-right
    Web Design and Development
  • angle-right
    ​Software Development

​Let's Make Digital Bangladesh  Together!!

As time goes by, the country's socioeconomic development is becoming more and more dependent on IT. That's why IT Sector has become the first choice for career-development for young-generation.

​In this case, the Analyzer IT prize can be called an exception. Analyzer IT is established as the best training institution in the country today to successfully provide professional training to thousands of students, help in self-employment and play a key role in the socio-economic development of the country.



Special Features of the Course:

​Analyzer IT-operated courses are completely based on practical classes, which are managed under the overall supervision of Certified Professional Freelancer Trainers. Another special feature of the course is that of the end of the course, compulsory real-life project work and 1-3-month period internship, which helps a student learn to work in the hands.



Opportunities and Employment:

Overall generators, libraries, advanced campuses, equipped with the latest international standard computer labs, which ensure the education environment of students / students. For classmates, there is evening class system. IT Scholarships are provided to poor and meritorious students in various training courses conducted by Analyzer IT.

Minimum SSC pass Anyone of any age can be admitted to these courses. By offering professional training, Analyzer IT have employed thousands of unemployed youth in the years, many of whom are now established in online marketplace such as Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Upwork and



Who can Participate:

​Minimum SSC pass Anyone of any age can be admitted to this course. Interested candidates are asked to apply in the prescribed form of the institute.

Our teachers are continuously making efforts to make skilled freelancers through the development of a student's IT skill.



​Why Analyzer IT is the best:

​Analyzer IT courses are done very carefully, whether under scholarship or paid courses. Very sincerity, friendly of all Analyzer IT teachers, staff perform their duties. Every teacher of Analyzer IT is a model.

Dedicated Support Team

When a student starts freelancing at the end of his course, he faces various problems at a marketplace. And this problem will always solve by our dedicated support team.

We trained about 800+ students, among whom most of them are working freelancing efficiently on different online market place. Those who now have a monthly income of more than $1000+ dollars. And this success was only possible by conducting Analyzer IT courses fairly.

Finally, to build an IT skilled manpower, If we look at the developed world, we can see that IT education is very rich in those countries. Since the present value of the world is very high and there is no alternative to IT based education to use this valuable time.!

The Role of Analyzer IT to Build Successful Women Freelancers:

Analyzer IT Class Room
  • check
    The role of women society for the economic development of a country is must needed.
  • check
    ​A lots of Analyzer IT women student are currently working in the freelancer of present Bangladesh.
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    ​Analyzer IT is always playing an important role in creating successful careers by making online income and freelancing of women!


​We will Help You to Choose Right Course.


​Professional SEO

​​Three Month Professional SEO Course with ​Freelancing/Outsourcing

12500/-​TK ​Only

Aim of Analyzer IT:

​​Create Unemployment Free Bangladesh...

​The main aim of Analyzer IT is to create a unemployment free Bangladesh. Students of Analyzer IT have changed the economic condition of 500 families by outsourcing and local employment.

Job Search

Job after training...

​Analyzer IT does not just provide training, offers many jobs after the end of the course. In the meantime, they have already signed contracts with many companies, after the course of the trainees. There is no other IT training center in Bangladesh, where jobs are provided after the training, which is going to be at Analyzer IT.

Who will Get Benefit From This SEO Training Courses?

Unemployment | Employment | Housewife | Students |​​ Entrepreneur


​  Who ​Have Basic Computer Knowledge

​ Those who already have preliminary ideas about computer.

​  Interested to SEO

​ Those who still do not know SEO but have an interest in  learning about this.

​​​  Entrepreneur

​  Those who have a business idea about SEO or want to      freelance.


​​​  Blogger

​ Those who are already blogging, but not getting much visitor.

​  Unemployment/Employment/Housewife/Students

​​  Those who want to be successful SEO freelancers and want to earn more than 300000 TK per month by doing freelancing.


​24 Class

​Three ​Month




​​Every month First or Second Week




​11:00Am-01:00PM or ​



6:30PM -8:30PM


2 Days

​Per Week

​1.5-02 HR

​Per Class


What You will Get From This SEO Training Course?

The course is based on full project, Trainers will be provided training by completing a real project in the hands of the students from the first day to the last day. In this way, search engine optimization (S E O) can be learned through manual work. Training will be done on how to rank the website in the Google ranking.

There are hundreds of SEO projects coming up in Freelance Marketplace, which you can easily complete after doing this course and have a lot of money to earn. The same applies to blogging and affiliate marketing. You will not get success in these areas without learning SEO.

What Our ​Students Have to Say:
Analyzer IT Student 2

“​Analyzer IT is the Best ​SEO Training Center.”

“​I have Completed my SEO Course from Analyzer IT, I think this is the right place to learn ​SEO and earn from online marketplace


​Uttara, Dhaka

Analyzer IT Student

“​Analyzer IT help me to become a Freelancer"

“​I am a student, From my part SEO is the ​b​est work for student life, ​Analyzer IT SEO Course help me a lot to become a successful freelancer. 


​Mirpur, Dhaka


​Rehan Hasan

Who will Be The Instructor​?

"In the list of people who have been successfully working for 8 years with search engine optimization, internet marketing, blogging and affiliate in Bangladesh, one person at the top position will run this course. He is our CEO of Analyzer IT, SEO Specialist and Full Time Freelancer Rehan Hasan, who is certified google partner."

What I need to do for admission and Admission fees?

Total 3-month training fees including lifetime support and real-life project: 12500 BDT and the number of seats is limited, only your seat will be saved after paying your fee. At the end of the training, each student will receive lifetime support services through email and chat.

If you want to know more details or have any questions related to the course, then you can call us. You can join our official Facebook group for discussion.


​We will Help You to Choose Right Course.


​Professional SEO

​​Three Month Professional SEO Course with ​Freelancing/Outsourcing

​12500/-​TK 6

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