​Web Designing Course at Uttara Dhaka
(​Responsive Web Design Course)

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Learn Web Design and Programming, develop pages with HTML5 and CSS3 styles,Wordpress, create responsive web applications 

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    ​Build Websites for Yourself or Clients
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    ​Create an effective, dynamic and modern web page from scratch
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    Become certified  Web Developer and Professional Freelancer to Earn Money Online

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Now, What is Web Design and Development?...

This is the job of creating a website. If you want to know what the website is, then some common example of a website is - AnalyzerIT.com, Facebook, Youtube.....

​Some people allow games to play games on their website, some people share different information, ​schools, colleges create websites for online admission, and others also create websites for displaying information about their company.

For example - you are now on our website (www.AnalyzerIT.com) !! Here we share various information and you are now reading the information we have given......

“The common man runs behind the money, but the money runs only after the skilled people, and if you want to earn money, first earn skill, the money will only be able to find you.”

​The number of skilled people is far less than the number of people in the world. So, ​stop thinking of money, learn to be skilled, if you can, then the money will run behind you.


By choosing us you'll get the following benefits:


​Zero to Start

​Create web pages from scratch, identifying and applying different methodologies.


​Professional Developer

​Build interactive and dynamic websites for yourself or your client, Lots of online Clients are ​waiting for you 


​Make Responsive Site

​Create and develop attractive websites, oriented towards different mobile devices.


"​To become Professional Freelancer..."

​Master the schemes and uses of modern web reference models. Optimize and manage web resources according to trends.  Understand the relationship of the website with the server and use of databases.

You can build super smart carrier in the web design and development sector from AnalyzerIT!

"​ Right now there are about 1.2 billion websites in the world"

​A survey by Yahoo showed that more than 16 million users in the United States alone, more than 1.6 million websites are created every month! More than 70% of which are hired by professional web designers and whose market value is 20.1 billion dollars, which is about 16 thousand 800 million Taka in Bangladeshi money!

It is astonishing to hear from us, but this is true and the volume of the online earning in whole world is increasing day by day.

The most interesting thing is that, the number of new web designers is far less in comparison to the number of graphic designers, SEO and  data entry operators​. Every day the web development sector market size increases, but the number of web developers is not growing at the same rate. This has created huge demand in this sector!

And for this reason, new web designers and developers are getting a lot of work in a new situation very easily.

Why do not people want to come in this sector

 after so many possibilities?


The reason is, it's a little harder to learn. 

"​ Don't Worry!! We design the course for you to learn webdesign and development most easiest way"

Naturally, people want to learn what is easy, but sadly, we do not think that: ​Which is easy that learns everyone, so there is a lot of competition going on easy task, ​ there is a lot of Less competition  in web design and job demands are too much. 

Now let's know about a little work

Coding Learning hard

What is the difference between web design and development?

Web design and development are two steps for creating a complete website. Design is the first step and development is the last step.

In the web design section, front-end of a website is seen as the part that the users are seeing, and the development part of the back-end , which a functional part of a website is developed.

  • The matter will be cleansed if we think of Facebook - the different colors, text, pictures we see on Facebook, the work of this display is through the design part, and that we can register there, we can post, comment on this Functional works are done from the Development Part.

How much is a Web Designer's Salary?

​The average salary for a Web Designer is $59,810 per year in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 7,924 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Web Designer employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 24 months. The typical tenure for a Web Designer is less than 1 year.

Which is estimated to be Tk 4,970,510.05 ​ in Bangladeshi money, every month - 4 lakh taka !!

Think of this, why do not you join this profession?

Web Designer salary

How to start Your


Before starting a career in web design, you have to decide whether you will be a designer or a developer, or both. It is good to say, you can not be a good developer without knowing the web design but you can become a good designer without knowing web development.In this case our suggestion is that you learn both . Most clients want to design and develop a website from one person because they save both their time and money. 

And if you know two things, then you can support yourself from the beginning to the smallest of the first small clients. This will increase your initial level of income.

Gradually, when you can make your position on the market, you can only design or just develop. However, it is important to learn both at the primary level.

How to learn the Web Design and Development Work?

The easiest way to learn anything is to go to a company and take courses.

But the question is, are we in Bangladesh, where is the good institution here?

In this era of digital revolution this question is really stupid, I think. Because, if you are in Bangladesh, ​Then there is no other choice than Analyzer IT, you can take courses from ​our Analyzer IT institute.

​We will help you to build your professional online career.


"​Here are some useful suggestions for you-"

"​There are many articles, video tutorials on web design, development on the internet. But their problems are 99% of the problem. You can learn to see them, but in a completely new state, you do not have the basics, because they are not basic, they will all over your head.

So, to learn from the internet, you have to know the first real part of the pie. The basics will come as easy as the rest of the water."


"but how?"

"​Our recommendation is if you want ​learn from ​ professional web design freelancerTh​en you can admit Analyzer IT"


"​Now you decide, you really do something in your life, or just dream you will be watching..."

The difference between a failed and a successful person is that successful people take action immediately after knowing something, and the failures are seen only, but they can not take any step accordingly, resulting in frustration in life. 

So today, not tomorrow or later, but if you can not start right now, then it will not start any more

So think ... will you go to the ​successful life? Or will there be only doubt and frustration in life .... ?? ...  

How long does it take to start working income?...

In this case, you will be able to earn ​money as long as you can invest up to your merit. You can earn money from online during class time from our Analyzer IT Web Design and development course.


"​First LEARN and then cut the "L"."

This is the first rule of money making. In fact, we all learn, but how well they learn is that matter.


The education that can not provide you the confidences of working within, that education is not enough to earn


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"​Yes okay Without Confidence, there will be nothing to teach. But our problem is that we learn a little bit over and become convinced."

Guide to Build Up Next Careers:

We understand freelancing just to be working on the Internet. But after learning about web design and development you can earn money by doing business.

You can work as a web designer or a developer in a local company

You can work on freelancing platforms such as ​Upwork, freelancer, fiver etc.

You can establish your web development business by opening a web development firm

Let me ask you a question-

When did you think positively with your career? And if you do, how much effort did you make?

I know, many have thought but have not thought positive, most negatives have thought, like - I will not be able to, I can not, this society is not good, I do not have money in my hands, business does not understand, job is not for me etc. There are many reasons why not to work out.

"There are many reasons to succeed in successful people, but innumerable excuses for failure to fail"

Whether it is employed, business or freelancing, after doing work, you have to do the following:

  • 1. Must be at least 10 complete test projects after the course
  • 2. Create your own portfolio website by showing off these projects​
  • 3. If possible contact with a web development firm [AnalyzerIT] or many other ​ companies are currently working in BNS Center, Uttara, Dhaka, who have the opportunity to work for less money, work them for 1 to 2 months at low cost or free.

If you want to do Business?

The web development firm has a huge potential for business. You can open your own web development firm with just a few money. If you want to start, you can work yourself and gradually you can work with more developers. ​Also, This business does not require a separate office, it is possible to control the entire business at home.

But like any business, you need to get good work in order to get a work order, and certainly have to take successful strategies.

If you want to become a Professional Freelancer?
Remember, the first step of success is to take risk, but it must be taken into ​right decision!


​​Secret Tips from Experienced Freelancer

​Just  our Student will get these secrets.........

See, there are no fixed rules for getting jobs, people take different tasks using different strategies. However, we ​will provide you some secret bullet proof tricks ​for instant earning, which are possible to get work faster.

Top Secret


​Some tips to get quick work in the freelance market

1. First, build a port folio in Super Strong

2. Whenever you apply for a job, give the client a direct link to your portfolio

3. Always bid less, but bid quality. There is no question of bidding on what you can not do, bid on time. 

4. When applying for any job, read job dishes very well. You can see here a point can be found that the client will be forced to reply to the call if you ask the client. 



During the course of the work, be aware that issues

1. Always talk ​with the client with open time during the work.

2. Always try ​to submit ​client project before the deadline. .

3. Try to communicate quickly with the client. The answer to Client's message is as quick as possible, that's better..

Be aware of this task

In this way, earning a lot of money is also possible through freelancing....

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    Job facilities ​
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    3 Month Course Duration

​​WebDesign Course Fee:

webdevelopment course fee

​The reguler admisiion fee is 16000 taka,But Current Discounted price 10000 Taka, Price will increase in the future, As get admission as soon as possible.​


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​Quality Education ​100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If we can ​spend 12-15 years of academic education for a 9:00 to 5:00 boring job and then you can not spend ​2-3 months here for the change of your future?.....Think about it!!!!


"More than a thousand jobs are posted every day in different freelance markets, if you can develop the skills well, there is an unlimited opportunity to work."


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